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Where is the hotspot? How to find Pin1 on HQ-Cam

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I love the idea of the PiCam, but I'm having trouble getting started.

As far as I understand, I just need to connect the PiCam board to the CM4 and it will show a hotspot with an SSID of "taskit pi cam", however, I don't see the hotspot (tried looking for it on a Mac and an iPhone).

The red and green LEDs are solid, if that helps troubleshoot.

Additionally, can you please provide detailed instructions about connecting the Raspberry Pi High Quality HQ Camera - 12MP? I want to make sure I won't short circuit it (per your recommendation), but I don't see which is pin 1 on the RasPi HQ Cam.

Appreciate your help!

Thank you

Themenstarter Veröffentlicht : 13/10/2022 11:06 am
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The PiCam module is a connection board and does not provide any hotspot capabilities out of the box. You have to write the example Image we provide here https://www.ledato.de/shop_content.php? ... anguage=en (picam_module210222.img) to your CM4 module.

To do that short the RPiBOOT pins (they can be found on page 3 https://ledato.de/download/picam_manual_eng.pdf ) then connect the USB-Data line to your pc after that power on the module. And play the image on your CM4 like you would normally do. Remove the bridge on the RPiBOOT pins and reconnect the power line. Now you should see a hotspot.

Important your CM4 module needs to have a Wifi-module for that to work.

The red LED is the power LED and is intended to stay lit. The green LED is connected to PIN 21(PI_NLED_ACTIVITY) and it staying green indicates to me that the CM4 module has no Operating system installed or is deffective. If there is an error during booting this LED will flash error patterns which can be decoded using the look up table on the Raspberry Pi website. https://www.raspberrypi.com/documentati ... lash-codes

Regarding the the connection of the HQ Camera. If you have a continuity tester check pin 1 4 7 and 10 against each other https://www.arducam.com/wp-content/uplo ... expand.svg they are all ground and connected.
So if you get a connection from the first pin to the fourth pin thats your pin 1 if you dont get a connection its pin 15.

I don´t know which HQ-Cam do you have. But unfotunatelly I cannot find something in the datasheet of our cam.
Here I provide you the pdf files and in the pictures I made for you, you can find our solution. I can only speak for our solution. This works fine.


Pictures of our solution:



Themenstarter Veröffentlicht : 13/10/2022 11:07 am