PiCam Module - UART Serial access

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PiCam Module - UART Serial access

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Can I use the EEPROM pins on the PiCam Module Board to access the Uart Serial pins on the CM4 (GPIO 14 TXD & 15 RXD on the standared Pi)?

If not is there any other way to access the CM4's Uart Serial via this board? Or is USB the only option?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: PiCam Module - UART Serial access

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Hi nettleand,

no you can´t use the EEPROM pins to access the GPIO pins. The EEPROM pins are EEPROM_nWP Pin1 and Ground Pin2.
From the cm4io-datasheet: "EEPROM_nWP If fitted write protects the EEPROM on the CM4".

https://datasheets.raspberrypi.com/cm4i ... asheet.pdf

None of the Uart Serial Pins from the cpu are connected to the board so USB ist the only option you have.